Top 10 South Africa Music Download Sites

Music is one of the most beautiful things in the world and connects people and cultures from all across the globe. We all use music to work, exercise, party or just relax.

However, getting the right music free can be a real hassle. Fear not, here is a comprehensive list of ten websites that will save your playlist. For free.

Top SA house songs of 2020 | Music In Africa-Top 10 South Africa Music Download Sites
Top 10 South Africa Music Download Sites

10 Best Music Download Sites In South Africa

1. Fakaza

Founded in September 2016, Fakaza is one of the best sites to download all sorts of South African music. They also do the extra job of constantly updating you on the latest and hottest songs.

Since it was founded, Fakaza (which is a Zulu word that means witness, testify or approve) has blossomed into one of the foremost sites for downloading South African songs and albums. You can find all genres of music, ranging from Gospel to Hip Hop and Afrikaans.

2. Zamusic

Zamusic provides a wide array of songs, music videos and albums for your choosing. The website offers you a wide range of South African music of all genres for free. Additionally, the website has a user friendly interface, and is easy to navigate and use to find the exact type of song you’re looking for.

3. HipHopZa

An Urban HipHop portal founded in 2017, Hiphopza has become one of the foremost sources for all types of South African music. You can listen to and download all sorts of South African music from artists all over the country. if you’re looking for South African music of any genre, from Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg, Hiphopza is for you.

4. SlikourOnlife

Predominantly a site dedicated to HipHop, slikouronlife provides visual content, music, albums, interviews of artists and video coverage for free consumption and downloads. Slikouronlife is a leading urban culture website which promotes the proliferation of South African culture, and connects people with culture.

The headquarters of the website is in Sandton, Guateng, South Africa. Designed to meet the needs of young South Africans, Slikouronlife brings industry personalities closer to their fans.

5. LoudTronix

Popular and free, loudtronix is an excellent platform for you to look for your South African music and albums. This site allows you download music directly from the website, or by converting YouTube videos to mp3 format.

This function is also free. Loudtronix also goes the extra mile of compiling their Top 100 List where you can browse for music, if you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. You can also search particular songs or videos.

6. Free Music Archive

This website is under the control of WFMU, a freeform radio station. You don’t have to have a user account to download your South African music and albums legally and for free, which is part of what makes FMA so popular amongst music lovers.

Though, you might want to create an account to use other services like developing a personal collection and communicating with other users. FMA uses Creative Common Licenses to provide legal free downloads for users.

7. Sahiphopmag

Ask in some climes, and Sahiphopmag will be described as the biggest hip hop music platform for South African hip hop news, music, videos and albums.

Launched in 2015, this site is owned and run by Nine80 Digital Media. This website was formed with the mission of spreading SA hiphop across the globe, and their large social media presence shows they are doing a great job.

8. Nano Records

This website was formed in 2000, and is an international voice for producers and also features the latest South African music. The site has a free album download platform and a free digital booklet for their users.

Featuring a host of South African artists, Nano Records was inspired by the burgeoning Psy-Trance scene in Cape Town and makes zip albums available for free download.

9. Musopen

Musopen is a non-profit organization dedicated to classical music and is for lovers of classical music. The website has a very vast library as far as classical music is concerned, and has zero copyright restrictions. The website offers background information on all songs, high-resolution music and free zip album downloads.

10. MP3Skull

On this website, you can search for and download both international and African music, all of the excellent quality. You can also get full information on all songs as well s the artists responsible for the songs.


So here are our top 10 sites for downloading SA music, completely free. Let us know which you use. Happy grooving!

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